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Highland Archaeology Festival
The Festival takes place across the Highlands from 24th September to 14th October.
The full program is available from local libraries and information centres or go to

Events 2022
Guided walk to Leadoch
Sunday 25th September - starts10.30am at Brora Heritage Centre
The township of Ledoch, on the SW side of Loch Brora, was cleared during the latter stages of the notorious Sutherland Clearances in the early 19th Century. However, a much earlier landscape of Bronze/Iron Age hut circles, clearance cairns, burnt mounds and the remains of a broch exists here too. Following the Clearances, a fish hatchery was also established here. And the scenery overlooking Loch Brora is stunning too!
We will examine the archaeological remains in the area, spanning c4,000 years.

The approximately 3km (1½ miles) walk is mainly over rough ground, but is suitable for all ages if you have a good level of fitness. The walk has a rise of around 40m (150 feet), but it is not a race and we can take our time. Good boots a necessity. Dogs welcome – but beware,
adders may be around. Bring a packed lunch.

In the event of bad weather, the walk will take place the following Sunday. Please phone if in doubt.
Contact - Nick Lindsay nicklindsay@btinternet.com01408 621338

The Society is heavily involved in guided walks and talks of the archaeology of the parish. Each year it makes a contribution to the above events and these are always popular.

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