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Greeanan Excavation

June 13-19, 2022
Come and join in with Clyne Heritage Society's latest community archaeological excavation of a longhouse at Greeanan, in Strath Brora.

Kindly funded by the Highland Council, Gordonbush Wind Farm Community Benefit Trust and Gordonbush Estate.

Amongst the building's inhabitants was the Rev Walter Ross, Minister of the parish of Clyne from 1776 to his death in 1825. It was his one and only appointment.
There are various stories, mostly unfavourable, about him, one of which being that he was more interested in animal husbandry and agrarian practices than preaching. He took a tack at Greeanan, and spent summer months there, preaching to the local population and ignoring his flock nearer Brora! He knew Donald Sage who mentioned him more than once in his 'Memorabilia Domestica' book, notoriously for his assistance in hiding smuggled spirits in his church!
Later inhabitants at Greeanan were newlyweds 79-year-old John Mathieson and 27-year-old Isabella Baillie!

The dig promises to be another exciting one, adding to our historical knowledge of Strath Brora.
No digging experience necessary - you can come for a few hours or all seven days or just come to see the site for a guided tour.
All ages welcome, children especially.

Contact info@clyneheritage and/or watch our 'Greeanan Community Excavation, Strath Brora' Facebook page for details.

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