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Annual Summer Exhibition 2004

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Crofting and Fishing

The second part of the working life in the parish – and such a big part – Crofting and Fishing, formed the subject of the exhibition in 2004.

The tableau scene expanded again, and eyes were drawn to the ‘set’ choreographed by Betty Faassen de Heer, of lifesize mannequins of crofters and fishermen conducting typical actions from their daily lives. They were also met by two immaculately period-dressed models who ‘came alive’, in the form of Jacqui Aitken and Joan Baxter as old fish-wifie and croft-wifie respectively.

The exhibition was officially opened by Mrs Mary Dudgeon of Crackaig, who had contributed many of the items on display in the exhibition. She reminisced about her memories of the building in which the library was now situated. In her youth it had been a dance hall and cinema, and she recounted that there was always a mad scramble to occupy the best seats in the house, on the balcony, for the latest films to be showed.

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