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Annual Summer Exhibition 2003

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Brora at Work

This was subject that was so great in the parish’s history that it had to be split over two successive years – Crofting and Fishing would form a separate exhibition the following year.

Betty Faassen de Heer, the instigator of the tableau scenes expanded her territory once again, to accommodate the rich industrial history for which the village was justifiably famous. Her scene, which dominated the central area and became the focal point for the whole exhibition, was of life-sized figures covering scenes from the daily life of the main industries of the village, from the coal mine, the woollen mill, the distillery and the brickworks, to name but a few.

Well known, knowledgeable and respected citizen, formerly of Wilson’s Bakery and the Co-Op, Hugh Baillie had been invited to open the exhibition. He spoke about the importance of the working life, which he said he only really appreciated when he had retired.

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