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Annual Summer Exhibition 1999

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Bygone Brora

In the summer following its foundation, the Society decided to stage an exhibition, using material begged and borrowed from a cautious public, to be entitled ‘Bygone Brora’, which would encompass all subjects. Photographs were scavenged and foraged for, scanned and then returned to the loanees.

The whole committee joined in with what would be quite a nerve-wracking time as the planned exhibition date of the beginning of July loomed. Committee members were busy scanning and printing, before coming together for ‘mounting nights’ in a variety of venues, which were extremely sociable and memorable!

You can see, in the representative sample from this exhibition on the first board, that there was a wide range of display styles employed by the various members of the committee, resulting in a variety of sizes of panels and colours representing the whole spectrum. Indeed, no individual captions were ever made for each panel, although each board of panels portrayed a different theme.

Compared to today, there were very few photographs displayed in the exhibition. There was no standard format and ‘Pritt’ was the sticking medium used for adhering the photographs onto mounting board and mounting board onto backing board. This glue proved not to be the best under the hot spotlights in the display area, and many of the pictures fell gracefully to the floor from their mounts during the lifetime of the exhibition.


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